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! Pocket Officer's Shirt Rhubarb and Custard
time you got your paws on some silk?
NU 00002-F3
2 pocket slevedge brolly stripe2 pocket slevedge brolly stripe playsuit
Oka yaa yaa yaa ma
NU 00003-H4


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A Selvedge Obsession

When one thinks of Oxford cloth, the next thing one often thinks of is a button-down shirt. And so, despite our button obsession, I'm very pleased to announce we've done nothing of the sort.

In our house style, we took a shirt with a sound military heritage, introduced it to a delicately woven, peerless selvedge fabric, and shook some fairy dust over the marital bed. The offspring is this unbeatable new house favourite. Quite simply a beautiful shirt, full of subtle wit and character.

Click through to the product page to read more detail in the description of our new Oxford obsession.
NU 00003-H4


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a selection of woven wonders
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a selection of woven wonders
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