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Fabric H42
100% cotton
206 gsm
H42 - Lavender Selvedge Oxford
'Lavender Selvedge Oxford'

Another example of why we love Japanese fabrics so much, and how 2 belovèd ingredients (Oxford cloth, and the work shirt) can create great new classics. This is an intensely rich take on a classic Oxford. Woven on a narrow width shuttle loom, it has been created slowly with a high-gauge yarn, and with a selvedge down its outer edges.

We use the selvedge of this fabric to form a reinforced layer behind the healthily sized double chest pockets, meaning every part is used to its fullest extent. NU 00003 has a clean silhouette, with no back pleats. Movement and ease come from sleeves which are cut for comfort and allow for movement, and a body which is gently wasted, yet not slim.

- 100% cotton selvedge Oxford

- woven in Japan

- long open ‘Cuban style’ collar

- w/ Floating Interlining

- 2 x large pleated flap pockets

- internal selvedge no-waste-facings

- L.E.J mother of pearl buttons

- curved Warhol hem

- 2 piece sleeve

- made in Italy

- machine wash very cool + gentle
- wash inside-out to avoid button chips + fabric abrasion/marking
- wash with like colours
- dry on a hanger, or flat
- do not tumble dry
- re-shape whilst damp
- give collar a tug whilst drying
- keep out of direct sunlight, + away from direct heat, whilst drying
- low iron, w/ steam
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